The Yvelines Project


Yvelines, pronounced [eev-LEEN], is an area just west of Paris and home to 1.4 million residents spread across 262 towns and cities for which there are only 42 evangelical churches (1 church for every 33850 people). Our goal is to see 1 church for every 10000 people! We want to see A CHURCH FOR EVERY COMMUNITY!


We want to see 100 new church-plants in the department of the Yvelines over the next 10 years through the multiplication of daughter churches.

Cooperative Gospel Advance

Biblical Ministries Worldwide, in partnership with the AEEI (Evangelical Alliance of Independent Churches) and other partner mission agencies (GEM, SIM and TEAM), seeks to advance this effort for the Yvelines area through maintaining three key activity clusters:

  • Planting new churches (both fresh start and daughter)
  • Supporting church growth
  • Developing new leaders

All of this is summed up in our French slogan: “Bâtir des Églises qui se multiplient” (literally: “Building churches that multiply themselves”)

The Yvelines Project leaders and BMW missionaries have helped develop a strategy to flesh out this vision through their involvement with the national leadership of the CNEF (National Counsel of Evangelicals in France) and AEEI’s Vision and Strategy Committee and through active participation at the CNEF’s bi-annual church-planting seminars. This has also led to their active involvement in training national church-planters.


Please visit the BMW website if you are interested in financially supporting us.

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