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November 28, 2018

Dear Friends and Supporters of Phil and Helaine DeMarte: As many of you know, in December 2017, we asked Phil and Helaine to make the trip to Massy, France with their two boys to begin a six month language learning and cultural exposure experience as part of their preparation to deploy permanently to France. Our goals for these six months were threefold:

  1. Reinvigorate the DeMarte’s ability to cast a vision to potential members of their prayer and financial support teams through exposure to language, culture and ministry.
  2. Interact in person with other BMW missionaries “on the ground” to gain insight into living and working in France as church-planters.
  3. Track expenses and develop a realistic budget for living and working in France.

I, along with my wife Mindi, personally visited Massy to see the DeMarte family in March and was pleased with their progress in all three of the above stated objectives. However, given their positive momentum, the transition from living in the Paris area back to the USA in July to complete their required support raising has been challenging for them. I would like to call upon you to draw their attention to God’s faithfulness and timing as they continue the demanding and rigorous path ahead toward securing the needed monthly support required to return to France.

When we come alongside churches to send out their missionaries, we draw upon the experience of the many who have stepped out before them with the goal of setting each missionary up for success in fulfilling God’s call for their life and ministry. Establishing a sufficient support schedule that realistically anticipates what it will take for a missionary family to set up and sustain a healthy family and vibrant ministry in a foreign context is key to a missionary’s longevity and effectiveness.

Having further consulted with the DeMartes, their sending church pastor, our personnel in country and having carefully reviewed the DeMartes’ budgetary needs, I have determined that their monthly support requirement be adjusted to reflect an increase of $1177.

The new monthly support requirement, along with project needs relating to outgoing expenses, language school tuition, and set-up costs must be met before the Phil and Helaine are cleared to deploy back to France.

While the additional requirements may initially feel like a step back, the goal is to see them fully resourced so that their attention while on the field can be wholly devoted to their purpose and objectives. If you currently support the DeMartes, how might you promote their ministry among other missions minded believers who would with equal joy rejoice at the opportunity to meaningfully partner with them?

Thank you for your love, care and support for the DeMarte family. Let’s pray together to see this family launched to be harvest workers to the needy people of France and Europe by the end of 2019!

In Christ’s grace and strength,

Ken Heizer Area Director for Europe


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